Bastrop Gardens

I had a great time taping for TWC news at Bastrop Gardens today! They sell slag glass which is way cool to use as an accent in your landscape because of the way the light reflects through it. The segments were about salvias and I learned a lot! I had been wondering about mystic spires salvia and found out that is a hybrid with indigo spires as one of the parents (don’t know who the other parent is) but it is very compact compared to indigo spires. I got a few new (to me) types of Verbena that look similar to ‘homestead’. Also grabbed a Slavia buchananii. Deena at Bastrop Gardens told me it is a native of Mexico but was named in England because the new species was discovered in a greenhouse belonging to some dude named Buchanan. There is a nice labyrinth and fun demo gardens at Bastrop Gardens. It is not far from Austin, only a mile east of the Berdoll Pecan store (pecans from outer space).  


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