Hugelkuture follow-up, aka part 2

Hugelkuture follow-up, aka part 2

Here is the hugelkulture right before planting. See past blog posts for more info. I filled this area against the retaining wall with half rotted logs, then a layer of sticks, then a layer of foodscraps. Then my wonderful husband topped it off with a home-made mix of soil and compost from the huge pile we had in the backyard. That pile was made from refuse from my days as a personal gardener/landscaper. I am going to top the retaining wall with flat limestone field stone. I am planting it with roses and herbs since it is near our kitchen. More to come!


3 thoughts on “Hugelkuture follow-up, aka part 2

  1. Hi Colleen. Love your edging ( what is it) for your new rose and herb bed. Could not find past blogs posts. I have not had my I -pad very long so I am learning!!!!!!!!! Am going to attempt to send you pic of one of my rose beds. The edgings is from State Highway Dept “rock pile” free.

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