Summer Garden Pizzas

A couple nights ago my husband, Eric and I had personal pizzas for dinner. When we started cooking, Eric organized all of the pizza toppings into nice neat piles on the chopping board. I took a picture because they looked so pretty, and then I realized that almost all of our toppings came from the Sunfield Garden:

Tomatoes- a mix of ‘Celebrity’, ‘Bush Champion’ and ‘Bush Early Girl’
‘Gypsy’ Sweet Peppers (they are the yellow-y white ones in the picture)
Onions- white and yellow
Green Bell Peppers -‘Jupiter’ variety
Malabar Spinach (not pictured)

We also had amazingly delicious, amazingly Texan Smoke-dried tomatoes from Boggy Creek Farm. Some pine nuts, corn meal crusts, organic tomato sauce, organic mozzarella cheese and pepperoni from Wheratsville Co-Op rounded out our ingredients. I just ate the leftover half of my pizza for lunch!

3 thoughts on “Summer Garden Pizzas

    • I’m good. I just posted your recent blog about black beans with chimayo chile powder on my twitter and facebook. Hey do you ever use a mobile ap for wordpress or do you just log in on your browser? I’ve been struggling with the aps and don’t use my computer very much. Did you get your soil test?

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