This week I’ve had trees on my mind. Wit

This week I’ve had trees on my mind. With the summertime temps setting in around Austin I am thankful for the services that trees provide. Obviously trees give us shade, but did you know that they also cool the air around us through a process called transpiration? Basically water moves up from the tree’s roots and out through the leaves. The water coming out of the leaves cools the air around it just like misters on a deck at a restaurant.

Trees remove carbon from our atmosphere and trap it in the soil, reducing the effects of global climate change. Trees also improve the beauty of our cities, raising property values and making towns more livable.

As a TreeFolks volunteer, on June 13 I am leading a tree identification walk at theLadybird Johnson Wildflower Center’s Nature Night.Learning about tree identification can open your eyes to a whole other perspective, making you notice trees everywhere. Tree identification gets you to see all of the little quirks and neat features that trees have to offer. Learning about trees also makes you pay attention when trees are missing. To learn more about tree identification, check out Treefolks classes and workshops and also check out the Texas Forest Service tree ID site.

Sometimes when I work by myself at Sunfield Community Garden, I listen to podcasts. One of my favorites is Stuff You Should Know, and coincidentally this week the topic was about trees.

Take some time to hug a tree this week!